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Maintenance of furniture and peach skin velvet

Maintenance of furniture is especially tricky when dealing with unusual fabrics like peach skin or velvet. To keep the original quality of the peach skin velvet or longer on your furniture, here are some tips.

Maintenance of furniture in peach Armchair, sofa, sofa or other furniture cleaning peach skin requires a certain degree of prudence and discretion. To begin, remove the dust on the furniture with a dry cloth or small brush. Then check if there are areas that should wash specially stained. If this happens, you need carbonated water. Pour the solution onto a soft cloth and rub gently on the affected party. The gas penetrates into the tissue depth at the fibers and allows stains to dissolve the most entrenched.
It is so delicate, peach skin requires regular maintenance to keep its original quality. At least once a year, clean your furniture in this area with baking soda. Sprinkle the surface being careful to reach every corner, then let sit for half an hour. Then remove the powder dis…

How to boost the image of objects in copper?

Copper objects are known for their virtue decorative. However, they are far from being tough and you really have to take care so that they are always fun to watch. Here are some tips handyman who can expand your passion for copper.

Correct the bumps and cracks on copper objects Making objects in their original aspects cook is not the goal. Rather, the highlight through interventions fairly simple to implement. Indeed, these objects can be victims of embossments according to where their owners fall. Do not panic, these bumps will disappear in no time by using a celeron, small plastic hammer. Simply place the object on a soft support and gently pounding from inside to outside so that the walls are again consistent. However, requires careful not to leave traces of the hammer on the copper object to avoid further troubles.
In terms of holes and cracks that can disfigure objects in brass, two techniques can be adopted to address them. The solder copper is one of the best answers to the questi…

Practical tips for cleaning suede furniture

Furniture suede are popular because of their velvety and soft and fluffy. But have a suede furniture is one thing, maintaining is another. You who are still struggling to clean your sofa and your seats, here are some tips that may help you.

Maintenance of furniture suede: conventional cleaning for regular maintenance The deer is a matter of graceful furniture. Unlike furniture made of leather or fabric, suede that requires much more attention to maintenance. Where appropriate, it will lose its shine in no time. If you have opted for such furniture, consider installing it away from windows. Dust is the first enemy of the coating. Whenever you pass the broom, do not forget to cover it completely with a fabric non-porous to prevent the dust from the reaches.
If after a few years, you feel that your furniture will change in appearance is a sign that the hair of the deer were packed. This explains also the aspect used. This is not the only alarm you. To restore the luster to the furniture, ta…

Indoor air pollution: how to clean the air in your home?

Respiratory disorders are one of the leading cause of mortality while the incidence of allergies and asthma continues to grow. It is therefore essential to fight against indoor air pollution and improve air quality in the house.

How is it pollutes? According to studies by the Observatory of the indoor air quality, we spend an average of 24 to 22 hours inside a home, whether home, office or other places. However, the air we breathe is 90% of the time more polluted than outside.
This pollution is mainly caused by volatile organic compounds or VOCs which are present in the cleaning and hygiene materials for coating the furniture, the paint not to mention the insecticides. As is the case of plants, carpet and air fresheners, these substances promote poor ventilation. Indeed, these VOCs can cause various respiratory and allergies. Carbon monoxide (CO) from incomplete combustion can also cause fatal poisoning.
Simple actions to take to reduce indoor air pollution We can remove VOCs, but we can s…

The best ways to combat mold in any home

Molds are microscopic fungi caused by moisture. They may be the source of degradation of a specific area or a working tool. So learn the safest ways to eliminate them.

How to remove traces of mold? In general, the cleanup begins with the passage of a vacuum filter on the infected part. Then, use an unscented detergent solution scrape mold. Do not bleach. It will negatively affect the effectiveness of disinfection. Then take a clean cloth dampened with water and rinse the treated area. This flushing procedure must be done repeatedly, followed by rapid drying. Go back to the vacuum filter on the freshly cleaned, not to mention the surrounding areas. You can do the cleaning yourself if the moldy surface does not exceed five square feet yet.
A cleaning system according to the infected material If mold is found on gypsum board, clean the plate with a cloth dampened with water and baking soda. But avoid excessive wetting of the plaster. For cleaning wood surfaces, start by spending a vacuum fi…

Washing windows without spending a lot is possible

Cleaning the windows of the house is a classic spot. However, the use of specific products requires significant expenditure. Fortunately, homemade recipes are always effective when it comes to product maintenance.

Washing windows: the standard accessories for a perfect result You will not need to purchase a special product for power window cleaning. Everything you need is probably available. Whatever the type of windows, you can choose from several options. First, there is the washing up liquid diluted in warm water. There is also the mixture of water and methylated spirits, and this same quantity. If you have ammonia, you can mix it with water at a rate of half a cup of ammonia per liter of water. 
Otherwise, pour a little vinegar in boiling water and serve you in for cleaning.
A more modern method to clean windows Whiting has always had a good reputation for its cleaning ability. However, it tends to leave small traces of dust on the windows. Fortunately, these can be easily removed with…

Maintain a fireplace for winter safely

Regular maintenance and proper is de rigueur for the proper functioning of the chimney. Its efficiency and longevity depend greatly on the care you give him all year. Here are some tips to properly maintain power in his fireplace and enjoy winter.

Maintenance of the chimney Cleaning the chimney is not only a sweeping classic. All its elements should be given special attention. To allow you to spend a warm winter with confidence, perform a thorough cleaning of your chimney in the spring. In this case, you'll have more time to make spare parts or materials where necessary.
Fireplace, glass, iron plate and ashtray cleaned every year for a safe and optimal use of the chimney. Regarding the glass of the insert, you need to clean it every week for effective transparency that will allow you to enjoy the fire in all its glory.

Thorough cleaning of the chimney When you go about cleaning your fireplace, always start the heater. To do this, first make sure the fire is extinguished. Then, make use…

Cleaning your crystal chandelier

Your magnificent crystal chandelier needs a good cleaning session? You do not really know how to take care of these fragile decorative fixtures? Follow the guide.

Accessories and products for the maintenance of a crystal chandelier The primary maintenance of a crystal chandelier requires cleaning. But no matter how! To help, here are some tips to pro. First, equip yourself with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will be diluted in water at a rate of one tablespoon per 1 liter of water. Three parts of distilled water to one part isopropyl alcohol, and you get another cleaner just as effective.
And if you do not find alcohol, use baking soda. Another preparation for including cleaning chandelier is a mixture of dishwashing liquid and hot water. This aqueous preparation may be replaced with soap and ammonia added to water. The choice is yours! A toothbrush or a brush can also be helpful. Finally, do not forget the feather duster and the stool.
Clean a crystal chandelier First, cut …

Handy tips to clean a painted wall

Like any other part of the house, the walls require special attention. They get dirty easily, yet inadequate cleaning may cause damage. Here are some techniques that might be helpful to have a wall clean.

Choosing a technique for cleaning the wall based paint Generally, a wall must be painted a dusting every two weeks and intensive cleaning every year. If your wall is painted with oil paint, use a water solution of ammonia and light to restore its luster. For a wall-painted with casein, you can proceed to washing with soap and water. This type of paint is waterproof. By cons, if you want to clean a vinyl paint or oil-based paint, detergent diluted with cold water is the best solution. Finally, in case of a wall whose paint is water or glue, dry cleaning is required. You can use a pencil eraser to it.
Cleaning the fresh stains on the wall If you notice spots on your wall, do not wait several weeks before removing them. A simple cleaning is sufficient to remove the trace and revive the wall…

Maintenance of parquet

Maintain a floor is relatively simple, but the technique differs according to the type of flooring. Indeed, it does not have a floor oiled, waxed or varnished in the same way.

The maintenance of a parquet floor For a parquet floor retains its brilliance, it is recommended to regularly dust and wipe with a special soap to floor. Remember that water is not suitable for cleaning a parquet floor, because it may damage the wood and change its color. It is also imperative to make a wood floor sanding to remove all traces embedded. Obviously, it is preferable to use only oil to polish the floor. Perform the same operation twice a year to keep your parquet floor in good condition.
Maintaining a waxed floor For a polished floor regains its radiance, it must be dust before applying the wax on its surface. At the time of the parquet floor, it is also advisable to clean a waxed floor with water, at the risk of damage. Once the layer of wax applied, be sure to clean the wax residue and dust before coa…

Maintenance of marble

The choice of marble as a material for home decoration gives a fairly traditional style and refined. However, maintenance of marble requires special attention for it preserves its beauty and radiance.

How to clean the marble without the user? Marble is a material whose maintenance is particularly difficult. Cleaning with water is often insufficient for him to remain in good condition. Special treatment performed 2 to 3 times a week will help you to keep your marble. Cleaning marble is easy, but we need to use suitable equipment for increased efficiency. The first step is to rub the marble surface with water and using sandpaper provided with fine grains. Make a circular motion until the residue of dirt come off. Rinse the marble with water and a sponge. The second step is to apply a special powder to polish the surface to be cleaned. Then rub with cotton before going on to rinse. Once this is complete, apply the wax neutral marble so that it shines again.

How to remove stains on marble? As…

Tips for green products and cheap

Pollution is everywhere inside the house is not spared! To improve the quality of air we breathe under our roof, there are tricks against harmful products. Whether for cleaning, painting or for maintaining wood, nature has what it takes! Your body will thank you.

Paint and wax natural homemade! WWF delivers an amazing recipe for making paint at home. To do this, mix in 1 / 3 of cream cheese at 0%, 2 / 3 of lime. Then add this mixture to the natural pigment of the color of your choice and dilute with water. Thus, all fantasies are permitted in colors of red pigment ultramarine blue pigment in Marrakech. Prices vary from 4.35 € to over 27 €, even the smallest budgets can put themselves in the green paint!
To feed your woodwork, do not ruin by buying a product full of chemicals harmful to health. Use of pure beeswax, the turpentine and essential oil of lavender. Melt 75 grams of wax in a double boiler and add 150ml of turpentine and 10 drops of essential oil.

Clean without polluting Three pro…

Cleaning fabric sofas

For the fabric sofas as long as possible keep their beautiful color, a daily dusting and regular cleaning are necessary. Removable or not, here's how to clean your sofa fabric.

Regular cleaning of the sofa Obviously, models with removable covers are easier to clean than non-removable. The type of cleaning of the latter depends on the type of tissue. Steam cleaning is ideal for cleaning a conventional fabric before using a proprietary stain remover according to the nature of the stain to remove. The spots marked bit of chocolate left by example can go in cold water, but in other cases it may take a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol or soapy water.
To facilitate the maintenance of your sofa fabric not removable, use a regular anti-stain and waterproofing. Otherwise, for all types of fabric sofas, a dusting vacuuming is done at least once a week. To do this, be sure to set the camera on a low power. You can also use a fag or a soft brush. The use of cloth is not recommended because i…

Construct a mezzanine floor in a loft

The lofts have the advantage of having a great height under the ceiling, allowing the construction of a mezzanine that will give more space and character to your home.

Why a mezzanine? Construction for a professional or industrial site converted into residential lofts are made from a wide area without separation. Their height will usually create a mezzanine. In architecture, the mezzanine floor means an intermediate not occupying the entire surface of the part that overhangs. If you need more space, it is ideal to have an extra room. In addition, it will add character to your home by giving it a certain size to offset the fullness of the whole.
You can install the mezzanine above the kitchen if you have an open kitchen, or over the bathroom. You can use the space to make a child's room or your bedroom, or why not an office. Everything depends on your needs, keeping in mind that this space is not designed to carry materials or furniture too heavy or too big.

How to install a mezzanine …

Water filters: for drinking water quality

We would like to drink pure water and palatable without being forced to buy mineral water. Compact and efficient water filters offer a good quality water.

The filtration solutions To improve the taste of tap water and purify it, there are several filter solutions. Here are the most common and functional. The Filter Jug has a capacity of 2 liters to 5 liters and equipped with a filter. To maintain it, change the filter every month. Clean the inside of the decanter with clear water. There is also the filter cartridge. He landed on the water supply. It consists of a filter holder that attaches near the water inlet and one or more filter cartridges. Installation is a simple setting. Maintenance is easy: you just have to change the cartridge when it is saturated.
The most effective system is the RO. It kills 99% bacteria, viruses and harmful elements. But the water at the same time loses all its minerals. By cons, it keeps the content of water in limestone. The osmosis between the particulate…

Repair the flush toilet, how?

The flush water leaking wastes a lot of water. To repair the toilet flush, here are some tips to follow.

Fix flush toilets: identify the cause of the leak In the household budget, spending on water can now reach substantial proportions. A study shows that an outbreak of 4 people consume around 700 € water per year! It is therefore essential not to waste it. Among the unnecessary consumption figure a leaking flush. In this case, no need to use the services of a plumber, because addressing the hunt itself is not anything fancy. Equip yourself with a wrench, a large cloth and sponge. A mechanism nine, a new float and a few joints are optional. But before you rush to your toolbox, the first thing is to first identify the root causes of the leak.
To do this, remove the tank lid. Using a wrench, unscrew the knob mechanism responsible for the evacuation of water to release the lid. Be careful not to break especially if it is a model enamel. The leak may be due to several reasons: a damaged valv…

Plating to dress your interior

The veneer is proving tricky for dressing up a wall, a wall or door of a closet in an original way.

Plating, what is it? The veneer is primarily thin slices of fine wood decorative form of panels. This method uses a wide variety of natural essences of wood, from the lightest such as birch, to dark like ebony or rosewood. These thin slices of veneer are glued on a rigid support such as plywood or cons on softer surfaces such as paper. Once these panels have gone to press, they are ready to be laid for the construction and decoration. This new system of coating allows for varying shades of wood for a natural and friendly welcome. Currently, the cladding panels are available in various colors, and are increasingly sophisticated and creative. They can then obtain various records.
In general, plating is used to bring originality in decorating the walls banal, doors or cupboards. Some panel models also contribute excellent sound insulation, especially when placed on the walls. Apart from that,…

Prepare a table with a glass top

Simple and quick to perform, a table with clean lines and a tray made of glass will make the effect more cheaply. Follow the guide!

The preparation and assembly The frame of the table is formed of four arches, each including two legs and a crossbar. Use wood strips of maple, beech or oak, 5 inches wide and 2 inches thick. Measure 4 lengths of 72 centimeters. Then 4 more than 67 inches for feet. For sleepers, 2 lengths of 85 centimeters and 170 centimeters 2 others. Use a miter saw to cut a 45° end of each foot. Do the same for both ends of each tie. Treat cuts specially in order to achieve a snug assembly arches.
Upon final assembly, avoid confusion by marking with a pencil each piece of wood. Give the sleepers of 170 centimeters by 72 centimeters feet. As to the ties of 85 centimeters, they go with the feet of 67 centimeters. Assemble the cross with both feet consistent. With a 3 mm drill bit, drill each end of the crossbar. Thus, the screws are fixed in the middle of the feet. Glue the…

The air conditioning, air in winter and summer

The air conditioning is a promise of warmth in winter and cool air in summer. To choose which model and how to maintain it?

The air conditioning, which system to choose? Manufacturers now offer air conditioning systems in three forms: single-split, multi split and ducted model. It is essential that any air conditioning system consists of at least one outdoor unit, which produces warm or cool air, and an indoor unit of distribution. Mono-split consists solely of an indoor unit and another, outside. It is particularly suited to cool areas or restricted in one piece. The multi-split is an installation composed of several indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. It is designed to work in several parts of the house at the same time. Finally, there is air conditioning duct. This system, whose circuits are easily concealed in false ceilings, can cool the whole house. It consists of a single outdoor unit and several distribution points. This model, however, requires major work, if not instal…

Create a mailbox: a child's play

Create the mailbox is not something complicated, just simply follow these tips.

Mailbox: standard sizes to meet Before a masonry box with letters, it should first be aware of certain rules. For even whimsical, a mailbox must meet specific size imposed by the Post. On the one hand, the width of the slot in your mailbox must be at least 22 cm wide and 3 cm in height. As for the internal dimensions, it must have a height of 30 cm, as well, have a width of 30 cm and a depth of 40 cm. Finally, the Post Office requires that a mailbox is placed at a height between 80 and 150 cm above the ground level. Whenever possible, it is better to install your mailbox near the street in order to facilitate the widest possible distribution of letters by the postman.
Mailbox: the necessary equipment In terms of hardware, you need a hand with an iron bar of 1.50 m long. Be sure that its end is flat since it will bear a flat object. You also need a mortar and glue assembly. Preferably, choose solid wood boards …

The attic, basement or garage to save space

Save space without enlarging the house is not easy. Operate a garage, basement or an attic is a really interesting solution. Here are some tips for managing these areas.

Build a garage or basement Enjoy the free space of your garage or your basement for laundry accommodation. To do this, install a cellar by professionals. Buried, round or oval, basements are available in several sizes. But be careful, does not equip an office or room in a corner with no source of natural light. For semi-basement buried, create openings or leverage existing ones.
Establish a room in the garage or basement implies some constraints and a large budget. It would create direct access from the house. Before the arrangement, plan water supply and drainage, and consider the installation of electrical outlets. Make sure the power of your electric meter supports overloading. Choose a tiled floor, sealed and easy to maintain. If the laundry occupies an entire room, exploit and upgrade the sink and storage space for …

How to install your sink?

You rearrange your kitchen or whether you are installing for the first time, it is essential to successfully complete the installation of your sink. Follow the guide!

Diligence and the sink hole In the kitchen, the sink is constantly sought, hence the need for a successful and solid mounting. Beforehand, check some points. This includes locating the supply lines of water to allow the connection after installation, then ensure that the drainage slope of about 1 centimeter per meter is possible.
Define the meaning of the installation of a reversible sink before the break. To drill a sandstone sink, put the sink and hold it still. Locate the patch of pre-drilling. Mark it in the center and put duct tape to prevent splinters. Carefully drill at the brand level. Repeat each hole using a larger bit. Finally, polish the edges of the hole from top to bottom. Drill a stainless steel sink requires a punch diameter greater than the tap.
Valves and installation of the sink To facilitate mounting the s…

Give new life to your chest

To return your old dresser, raise it with a new feature that will give it another dimension and increase its storage capacity. It may well find its place in the bedroom or the bathroom. Follow the steps to give details of your soft charm.

Preparation and major works Before you begin, thoroughly clean the commode to remove traces of paint or varnish. To do this, use a chemical stripper that you spread on the stand. Leave it, then scrape with a spatula before rinsing with water. Then let it dry. To achieve the top item, choose preferably laminated solid pine. Prepare shelves by cutting the size of the chest. For amounts, the width is the same as for the bureau, only the height varies depending on your needs.
Assemble the uprights and shelves by doweling. If necessary, use a guide assembly to center pivots. To maintain and stiffen the whole, make a plywood bottom that you embed in the rebate. To keep the spirit of the furniture, cover the edge of the box with the decorative molding made of …

Caulk openings for energy saving

The best investment to be made in saving energy is a perfect insulation. With an insignificant cost, make a simple DIY to seal your house.

For the door The air flow is essentially the bottom of the door. The most effective solution involves the installation of a baseboard extruded PVC or aluminum. A flap of rubber or a synthetic brush will follow the movements of the door. Unfortunately, it wears out and loses its effectiveness after a few years. Avoid this by asking a plinth "automatic" that the flap is raised at the opening. Trim the skirt to the desired width and screw directly into the wood of the door.
Deformation of wooden windows cause air passages whose characteristic is irregular in thickness. If you notice a slight trickle of air from the vertical or top of the door, put on the outer side, a profile of guidance provided in the kit. Get two sticks of PVC 200 centimeters and 100 centimeters. Trim-PVC and attach them on the outside edge of the door frame to remove any ai…

Recovering a seat spring

Your seat has diminished over time? Its springs are overflowing and tearing the upholstery? Do not worry, it is still recoverable. Follow the guide.

Recovering a seat spring: Place the springs The adjustment of the straps is the first step in repairing a chair spring. The straps are adjusted so as to obtain direct springs. With a curved needle, place the first instance on the strap and end with a noose. Repeat 2 or 3 different places for the ultimate double knot for strength. Then proceed to the curbs of. At this stage, the springs are secured in position using a rope to hoist. Pass the rope around the two nails of an upholsterer of the rear rail with a simple knot, and push all in with a hammer. Press one of the springs in the back until he is 5 cm in height. Tie a double bearing on the penultimate turn of the spring. Repeat for all other jurisdictions. In the end, put a strong cloth stretched over the springs by compressing them slightly. Nail every 4 cm before sewing each spring.

A new life for my wooden chairs

At the bottom of your attic, an old wooden chair gets dusty? It's been so long since you have not used that you had forgotten about? What a pity! In a jiffy, you can give it a second life. The decor Recycling 'is both simple and economical. We roll up our sleeves and go!

The material For the chair itself, you will need paint stripper, wood spatula, sandpaper, a special sub-layer acrylic timber, acrylic satin paint and, of course, a brush. This equipment will allow you to retype the entire wooden structure. For the seat, grab a stapler, a fleece measuring 10 cm more than the seat of the chair, a fabric of your choice measuring 15 cm more than the seat of the chair, of scissors and a tape measure.
Chair Before the refurbishment, detach the seat. The first step is to put the white chair helping you paint stripper and a spatula. Once that's done, sand with sandpaper. It is the most difficult, but it will make you a little exercise. When all is well sanded, go sublayer special acry…

Bloom Pot light pots designer Rob Slewe

Lighting design very original, Bloom Pot still objects tend to decorate outdoor/indoor season autumn and winter. Check out these creations by Rob Slewe.

Bloom Pot light pots: technical details
Bloom Pot light pots were developed by Rob Slewe in early 2000. The first models were marketed from 2003. Bloom bright pots are both flower pots and lamps designed to enhance the aesthetics of an open or closed. The Bloom pot are available in different sizes to find models with a height of 40 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm and 100 cm yet.
Containers with a double wall polyethylene pots Bloom Pot lights are both waterproof and resistant. Two bulbs of economic power from 10 to 20 watts integrated provide the lighting for each model. Bloom Pot light Pots are powered by electricity and have an electric cable length of 5 meters. The models come in several colors like white, pink, lemon or orange.

Bloom Pot light pots: how to use decorating
Bloom Pot light pots are decorative objects suitable for fall and winter seas…

Give your desktop a new look with good lighting

Important part of your home, the office must have good lighting. Innovate office lighting to motivate you further in your work.

Lighting for more ideas
The office has more need of light than other parts. Indeed, as one spends time to read, write or create something, light plays a fundamental role for the eyes, but also for the thread of ideas. Whether you work in this office in the morning or evening, be sure to give optimum illumination. The day made the sun shine in drawing the curtains. The outside view will refresh you more ideas. Indeed, the light is small but clean. It does not tire the eyes and does not migraines, it is very comfortable.

At dusk, you must use the lights to illuminate the desk. The ideal lighting will look like a sunny day. Too much light hurts the eyes, and a poor light provided by a small lamp in bad quality should be avoided. To work, the eyes should not be too much effort, that is why we must choose to put the lights in this room.

What fixture to choose?

In which rooms using fixedlamps or light?

The provision of light greatly affect the general atmosphere of a room. What part does it with light bulbs and lamps still removable?

Illuminating interior with removable lamps and floor lamps
As the lounge is the place where the whole family together to share good times, the lights should create a warm and friendly atmosphere. For this, nothing beats the street lights and lamps as removable desk lamps. By choosing for the show, you can play in illuminating the contrast especially furniture or decorative objects. Then, by opting for portable lamps and floor lamps, you have the freedom to move your furniture and all you want while keeping the lamp close to them, what the lights still do not. The office is one of the rooms of the house where the use of portable lamps is recommended, that due to the possible relocation of the computer or desk.

In addition, it can happen that you need more light to scrutinize records. In principle, the light beam should be directed to the table where you r…

How to decorate a hall?

Here are some tips to transform the corridor into a convivial and not only a prerequisite for access to parts of the house.

Enhance the corridor by the play of light
The corridor is probably the least enlightened place in the house, as it usually does not enjoy the daylight. To enhance your lane, it is important to enlighten creating points of light such as light fixtures or spots. If you do not have the ability to install them, use wall sconces that are preferable to lampposts. At the same time, it is advisable to play with colors. To do this, choose light colors at the expense of dark colors that give more depth to the lobby. In addition, the colors used to correct the proportions of the corridor, this, by painting the white ceiling and floor and using a darker color for the wall.

Decorating the hall for ease of use
Even if the corridor is not a living room, feel free to decorate to make a friendly touch. For the soil, for example, you can unroll a carpet along the corridor. For the w…

Stop the mess! A few basic rules for attractive

First visualize circuits passages inevitable, because nothing is worse than crossing a lane that turns into an obstacle course, or the famous attack on the coffee table on your shin.

Who does not want to have the opportunity to own pieces dedicated solely to storage. For a minority of people, this is possible but for the majority, there will be imaginative, tricks and compromises to get a space of living.

Stop the mess...
Who does not want to have the opportunity to own pieces dedicated solely to storage. For a minority of people, this is possible but for the majority, there will be imaginative, tricks and compromises to get a space of living.

Some basic rules:
First visualize circuits passages inevitable, because nothing is worse than crossing a lane that turns into an obstacle course, or the famous attack on the coffee table on your shin. Made picking out the items you want to highlight those that reflect your personality, whether it's books, works of art, curios, etc.. Objects th…

Personalize your pots with eggshells

We often tend to limit the use of flower pots to its principal use: growing flowers. However, there is an element that can operate in different ways in decoration. Here are two simple ideas and fun to customize your clay pots with eggshells.

The white and tan, a pair of striking colors
You can stylize your terra cotta pot by creating mosaics from the shells of eggs of different colors, preferably white and ocher. Take eggs. Break them to get rid of their content. Retrieve the shell. Boil water. Then pour the bleach. Immerse the shell in the mixture to make them shine. Afterwards, remove it and break it in a bowl. Trace the pattern onto the pot.

Using tweezers, draw the small pieces of shells. Arrange them so that the desired shape is reproduced. Do not put too much empty space between songs. Then, using a flat brush, apply a coat of wood varnish gloss over the area of the mosaic. Let dry before putting the second layer. Repeat until the fifth layer. Wait 48 hours to dry.

A duck tricolor