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The dwarf fruit trees: a natural setting -An ornament for inside and outside

The cultivation of fruit trees is no longer limited to the orchard. Dwarf varieties can be planted at home. With their scents and colors, these plants are sure to add a relaxing ambience to your home.

Fruit trees easily fit in the corners of the house, bringing the greenery, but also freshness. They can decorate your office, and at the same time alleviate the tense atmosphere of the room. Varieties of citrus are the most popular to decorate the interior due to their highly decorative fruit and pleasant scent. You can also choose trees with brighter colors such as cherry or plum. Abundant fruit enliven the room where they are. In addition, they can be placed on the stairs or at the main entrance to welcome.

In summer, you can make them enjoy the sun by placing them in a place exposed. On the terrace or balcony, they give a dramatic effect. In the garden you can admire their beauty, alternating colors and types of trees. They can form a hedge or shade the smaller plants that do not sup…

The new series of Christofle silverware High by Karim Rashid

The new collection of high Christofle silverware of the house presented at the Maison et Objet 2011 is striking for its beauty and functionality. Check out some examples of these rare pieces.

Christofle and Karim Rashid, the second collaboration for a new collection
Christofle has already appealed to the designer Karim Rashid for his collection URBAN FACET. The success of this first collection Christofle prompted to repeat the experience. His new collection from Karim Rashid, limited edition, brings together pieces absolutely beautiful. Handcrafted, the centerpieces of the collection shows once again that the trades of the goldsmith's always contribute to the achievement of exceptional pieces.

This new collection dazzled by the excellence and grace of his plays decidedly refined. Fascinating and decorative, this new line of High Goldsmith conjures up futuristic sculptures reflecting a great artistic work. A collection showing that the brand has lost none of its commitment to offer…

Zen house with indoor fountains: an oasis of peace

Hear the sweet sound of zen water in the house, you can. The indoor fountains bring the Zen touch and magic to your home.
With the hectic and active, it is impossible to find time to appreciate nature. But most important is to enjoy its benefits. Thus, nature invites himself to you through the gardens, vegetable gardens, as well as fountains. Inspired by Asian art, including feng shui and Japanese gardens, the fountains begin to break in Europe. Many homes are equipped. Styles, designs, materials of all kinds are available for all types of interiors. During the winter, all windows are closed and prevent air circulation. In addition, the devices heat overheat the room.

The indoor fountains will therefore bring the freshness and beauty to the room. They purify the air and keep the humidity level. According to scientists, it helps prevent certain diseases. The air in the home is often polluted, and even a deep cleaning does not hunt toxins. The indoor fountains bring serenity and calm. A…

Seven candlesticks trend: Seven, candlesticks malignant Antonia Astori

Keep the old silver candlesticks with your grandmother! Designed by designer Antonia Astori, candlesticks Seven are modern design and very clever.
To create this set of candlesticks, Astori used hollow cylinders topped with flat disks at both ends. The shapes are geometric, very structured. Candlesticks of this set remind traditional candelabra. The selected material is aluminum, a metal look that is both modern and elegant. With a careful polishing, it becomes brighter and ultra marries perfectly with a contemporary interior. All Seven candlesticks will bring a trendy and sleek in a lounge or dining room.

Endless possibilities with the Seven Candlesticks
With Seven, the designer designs the Astori modular candlesticks, that is to say, as organized structures disassemble and reassemble. With their innovative form, candlesticks can be stacked, nested, distant or close at will to get something different each time. Each piece of Seven was conducted in various lengths so that the object c…

Fill with fresh mist! The Mist: operating principles

With fine weather, sunshine will be a maximum. To enjoy your garden without being bothered by the heat, install a misting is recommended.
In recent years, the mist is marketed to individuals. These can be installed in the garden , the terrace or in the greenhouse. Its use can be both inside and outside. When the days are beautiful, it is natural to want to enjoy the sun. But when the heat becomes stifling, the fun is spoiled. In addition, a medical point of view, dry air irritates the lungs and prevents the frail to breathe. Therefore, it is important to have a moisture content to prevent any discomfort. The mist is the perfect solution: it can cool a room without it dripping water, which would be the case for a fountain for example.

The atomizer includes a pump, fan and nozzle. It is through these that are projected drops of water over its diameter is smaller, the water droplet is small. Therefore, significant savings in water. The mist is used in the following way: by enabling it t…

All Inclusive - A smart mirror (just one) to hotel or home ...

"All inclusive" is a revamped version by designer Emmanuel Jacquet, dressing mirror of the actors. Its pure white frame made of Corian ® is a curve in fluid form to include a shelf. Fluidity and purity of form that give a strong personality imprint of discretion.

Equipped with mirror and LED fog of high quality, low-profile, with standard dimensions (70 x 90 cm) or even tailor-All Inclusive is an object of use to both desirable and sustainable for ease of installation.

The use of the material Corian ® in its new version Ice-White allows the distribution of soft light and efficient, while providing the rigidity and performance required for this type of product. “I create objects that should be sufficient in themselves and aspire to live and stay permanently. The footprint of the mirror ‘all inclusive’, his image, his heart is reflected in its appearance”, says Emmanuel Jacquet.

"All inclusive" is published by Chrysalis, a collection of design objects made in France…

2011 Deco trend: the cushion


Cubo: a cube of light that will make you crack

Many contemporary designers think and say that in terms of design, lighting is essential. For those who still doubt, discover Cubo, a cube of light that will illuminate your home.

Cubo under the microscope
Cubo is a luminous cube marketed by the brand Slide. All these side length 43 cm. It is entirely made of white polyethylene, a very cheap material that offers excellent heat resistance. In addition, polyethylene is a particularly strong material. This cube contains a single bulb with a power of 25 watts. The bulb is not included in the purchase, you must know that the base of the bulb is the reference E27. The power cable measuring between 150 cm and 300 cm and has a switch. Simple and practical, the use of Cubo is suitable for all tastes.

Cubo: to offer or afford
This small cube of 43 cm gives you all the finesse of an ultra modern atmosphere, and all this at low cost. For example, the site, the Cubo is sold at € 79. If you like the cozy atmosphere, you need a Cubo. Bey…

Ideas and tips to keep bike at home

Bike home, ideas and photos to keep the bike at home. How to have the bike in the living room or hallway of the house unobtrusively? You love your bike but do not always have room to keep it, if you stay outdoors too often can damage it. What do you do to keep your bike indoors?

Hang your bike on a wall-mount If your home is a loft, a large villa or apartment will not have problems, but if your house is small you will have to consider first to put your bikes. Think that the bicycle can be integrated into the decor giving it a trendy urban look.

It is a simple, before you have to hang it out, clean your bike so that it does not have mud, dirt or grease that can leave stains on the wall. This way your bike will stick to the wall you choose and not bother you. When you need it just down and go like helicopter. A bit funny, isn’t it?

Leave the bike on a stand in the ground If you have a good place to "park" the bike in the same land supported, you have it easy when you leave an…