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Ecotoit or green roof: the plants are on the roofs

Environmental protection, energy saving ... Here are many thoughts that green could be associated with the concept of écotoit. Indeed, these hanging gardens have many benefits, both in aesthetics as ecologically. A green roof provides insulation against heat and cold. Thus, it contributes to the reduction of energy consumption. It also isolates the noise. This type of roof also absorbs rainwater and reduces water flow on the walls. Ally of biodiversity, it helps to store carbon, thus purifying the air in cities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The conditions and principles of installing a green roof
To install a green roof, you must have a steel structure, wood or concrete strong enough to support the weight of the vegetation. It is best to design your roof in the same building of your home. For the design, follow 4 steps: stack of 4 layers for waterproofing, drainage, filtration and vegetation. Exposure to any phenomenon of nature, wind, sun, rain, temperature, as a parameter t…

Green plants to clean up your environment: Green plants and pollution

Present in almost all the houses, green plants create a unique decorative effect. Today, it is also recognized under their remediation. Focus on the most active plant.

The air that is spreading in our homes is saturated with pollution. It contains volatile substances particularly irritating and can address the eyes, throat, nose, and the entire respiratory system. Are primarily responsible cleaning products, upholstery, paints, and the floor. Green ornamental plants initially contribute to the purification of contaminated air. Like humans, these plants live. Thus, they long abandoned the various particles in the air to expel them from their roots. These particles are then destroyed by micro-organisms in the soil.

The plants most useful
The "Flower Moon" or Spathiphyllum is the houseplant most active. It can reach a height of about 2 meters and its white flowers bloom all year round. Easygoing, it requires only one ground always fresh and filtered light. The flower of the moo…

Install a dressing room in his house: The peculiarities of dressing

More than just storage space for clothing, dressing well is a real piece spacious closet all his belongings, including bags and shoes. But how to develop it? Here are some tips.

We often tend to confuse the dressing room and closet. Yet they are two completely different elements. The closet is a small storage space hidden behind sliding doors or partitions while dressing is an entire room specially designed to hold up business, in addition to clothing. It usually affects an entire room for this purpose to avoid cluttering the other rooms of the house.

The decoration of the dressing depends on individual preferences, but it is above all simple and functional. Then you can bring a personal touch to the decor to make it truly your image. The space reserved for the dressing may take the form of an L with a double piece of wall for storage when installed in a room longer. It is also possible to install it following the U-shaped with three sections of wall for the storage if the room is squ…

Green décor aesthetic and ecological: Vertical garden, tips and benefits

Ecological and aesthetic, the vertical garden is a style very popular. Such a plant table, this style of decoration of the house is compact, is an effective solution against moisture and has several advantages such as thermal control of the house.

Inside or outside the house, the green wall concept is a very trendy and very popular especially in urban areas. The craze for green walls is becoming increasingly important, favored by the environmental issues they present. Why the choice of a green wall? First of all because it brings a green home as well to the outside or the inside of your home. In addition, it offers lush vegetation with various colors depending on the selected plants. As for aesthetics, the beauty of the vines is undeniable.

In addition to its decorative side, the green wall has several strengths ecologically. The key is that it can purify the air. This is a great advantage especially in large cities where the air is heavily polluted. In addition to its purifying acti…

Stairs storage: The layout to the stairway

In the case of a small room, it is difficult to find storage space correct to classify all business. With the making of a sort of staircase storage, it becomes possible to gain more space while remaining design.

It is ultimately the storage blocks that will act as stairs in any room, especially in a modest-sized room with high ceilings. The manufacture is simple. The first step is to take the part in which you want to install the stairs storage. This in order to adapt the storage cabinets to the height of the room until you reach the attic. Then, take a material easy to cut. The boxes are then glued and screwed to each other, because the stairs storage should be able to support the weight of a person. Then the different columns will be assembled to enhance the soundness of the structure. Once everything is installed, it is best to paint the boxes with a light gray color, which will give effect to the concrete stairs storage.

Finishing in storage
The staircase has a look more lifelike. …

Storage ideas for the living room and kitchen

Books, CDs, clothes, kitchen utensils ... require special storage. Boxes, baskets or any type of storage to hold more storage.
The living room is a room with multiple roles and demands of storage solutions varied functional and beautiful. The living room is an area that requires high capacity storage to create a warm and attractive. The audio-video equipment, books and decorative objects find their way into every corner of the room. They are enhanced, accessible, functional, based on solutions found. Modular accessories are most appropriate as nomadic furniture on wheels, furniture TV vendors, stackable blocks, sets of boxes and the ubiquitous cardboard boxes. These small mobile elements provide a whimsical touch.

The kitchen has a living room that needs an organization to measure. The system layout is well thought out to avoid confusion. The kitchen is typically equipped with integrated storage that can place the utensils. But other solutions are offered by manufacturers to solve sm…

Tips for storage in the bathroom

Closet in the bathroom is not easy to do if you want to order. Here are some smart ideas to arrange your affairs with discretion.

The dryer, shampoo, conditioner, creams, toothbrushes, towels, there are several accessories that we have to fit in the bathroom. It is not always easy to discreetly store all these things especially if it has a bathroom small. To have a bathroom in order, cosmetics and hygiene products should be placed in the right place without the disorder in this small room where everyone lays its business. To store business, some opt for accessories, and even the multitude of accessories here and there. Yet these little gadgets storage also sow disorder in the bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, it is useless to think of the large cabinets to store your belongings. The latter are more fashionable, especially since they take up too much space and are not very clever for clever and discreet storage. If you are also followers of the shelves on the left, soap dishes i…

How to change a light switch?

There is no need to call an electrician to change a switch. Some basic technique and good enough to replace a switch safely.

There are two main types of switches: one button to turn on or off a lamp , and back and forth to control light from two buttons. Be aware that the installation of switches is either applied or recessed. It offers more choice in models and is easier to install. For those in applied, it is important to measure the housing or to find the same model if we replace it. To guide you in your choice, check with a dealer. Once you have chosen the model that suits you, change your switch by following the steps below.

What you need first is a switch. Single or back and forth, it is to your liking. You will also need a screwdriver, an electrician, to be chosen in the form of screws, a universal clamp. Eventually, plan a cutter or a cutter. The intervention begins when you have gathered the material. First and foremost, isolate the electrical system by disconnecting the fuse…

How to change a light socket?

A short circuit can be caused by a poor connection at the terminals of a socket become defective. Discover the right way to change yourself the socket of your suspension.

Following a power cut, sometimes a light bulb in the room of a house no longer works. If your bulb is not defective, you may need to discover the cause of evil in your system itself. Put your gloves first power protection. Use a screwdriver tester or a multi-meter when checking.

If evil comes from a poor connection at your sleeve, do not think to repair it. It is best to replace it. To do this, you need a screwdriver, wire stripper, a pliers, a stable stool and of course a new socket. . Before touching the electrical system, always remember to shut off power to circuit breaker.

Changing a lamp socket: the way forward
Stand on your stool and remove the bulb. Remove the rings and the shirt of the old socket. Loosen the screws that hold the electrical and son completely remove the socket. If your socket has no screws, ge…

Changing a light switch: hardware and security measures

Changing an electrical switch is a task for everyone yourselfers with a good knowledge of the electrical system. Instead, follow this simple method for such implementation.

A power failure can result from the failure of a lamp power, a socket , switch or a bad connection of a wire on a domino. If you notice after verification that the fault is in your switch, it is necessary to repair it, or better, to change to ensure the safety of your electrical installation . To do this, you need a switch nine to two terminals of a standard screwdriver, a screwdriver tester or a multimeter, a wooden plate to support the switch, wood screws and a wire stripper.

Before starting work, it should cut the electric current from the main breaker. Not to make mistakes, take the trouble to make sure that the current no longer flows into your electrical system. To do this, you use a screwdriver tester or a multimeter. This precaution may seem ridiculous in the eyes of novices, however, absolute respect of s…

Home Decoration with Wallpaper

The wallpaper is available in its motives and materials. In terms of decor, the wallpaper becomes trend.
This is the traditional type of coating. It is made of sheets of paper on which are printed directly the reasons. Generally, the wallpaper is used for traditional rooms and living rooms. Its report remains unmatched by any other coatings in its class. Classic wallpaper is very fragile, which makes it a little pose. It is also very sensitive to light that can tarnish and spoiling the original color patterns. Yet it is the cheapest. Wallpaper Classic is primarily recommended to coat the walls of rooms where there is little passage.

Wallpaper expanded
Unlike traditional wallpaper, the foam is thick. What it offers very high resistance. This is its main advantage. Embossed texture or relief is obtained from resin pigments that have been heated to 220°. Wallpapers offer an expanded effect of illusion perfect, ideal to change any of the material smooth. They imitate stone, fabric, plaster…

Change a wall outlet -Security measures to be taken

Your electrical outlet is loose or broken? It is high time for a change! Take a screwdriver, wire stripper, a current tester and let it guide you!

Changing a wall outlet is a very easy task that is accessible to everyone, provided of course respect the minimum rules of safety. To eliminate the risk of electrocution, you must turn off the power via the main breaker.

Next, make sure that the current no longer flows, using a current tester, as the meter for example. You do not have on hand? You can always plug in an electric lamp. If the lamp fails to light is that there is more current. You can finally remove the old plug.

The dismantling of the former decision
The plug, look for the screw fixation, using your screwdriver, start disassembly. Some models are accompanied by decorative bands, you have to remove, using a screwdriver as a lever. Insert the tip of it under the edge of the strip and fold gently round to the wall.

Loosen the screws that hold the socket and pull gently to remove …

Accessories for curtains, decoration of course

Your curtains, even though they are simpler, can be transformed into real jewels for your home. Naturally decor is a site that offers various accessories for your curtains, accessories, eco-friendly make the difference.

Naturally Deco is a site selling online offers a variety of decorative curtains, from simple to more eccentric, to the chic and elegant. Accessories sold are made from natural materials to authenticate your decorations. So you can see the pins or clips curtains of leather, metal, wood or composite with rollers. Everything has been perfectly designed to bring a touch of elegance to your home. Moreover, these accessories are easy to use thanks to the installation system magnet.

With Deco Naturally, there is no need to pierce your walls in order to put on your kiss your curtains or drapes. No need for door-curtain, those of course come with Deco magnet so you can fix them easily. Blue, green, red, white ... you have a wide selection of colors, but also forms for all type…

How can I save electricity: Energy Saving Tips

Many people wonder more and more frequently these days: “How can I save electricity?” Then there are effective answers that can also be integrated easily into everyday life. So you can save so many cost by a little effort and the conversion of old habits and also do something good for the environment.

No more stand-by mode
A number of modern devices has a so-called stand-by mode. This device can usually be activated by remote control immediately. Since many people have already begun to use this function instead of a normal off switch, the button is missing in some cases to completely shut down entirely.

The stand-by mode is a real power hogs, because here around the clock energy flows into the device, without it being required. When asked ‘How can I save electricity?’ offers a simple power strip with power switch an answer. If you connect its consumer electronics, printers, computers and similar devices to a power strip with power switch, if left unattended using simple flip this switc…

Storage space: the solution to save space

Setting up storage space in the house is not always obvious. The difficulty lies in the fact that every object should always be accessible. The best solution for space saving is to measure storage space.

In general, there are three kinds of storage space: shelves, cupboards and drawers. To create storage space, you can choose between buying or adapted to make furniture arrangements you want. There is often small spaces that are not used, but can be very useful to develop additional storage space.

The lobby may have some storage options. You can install a coat rack to hang rustic coats. This detail is also very decorative. You can also convert a large terracotta vase in the umbrella stand. The spaces under the roof are often overlooked. Yet they can accommodate custom closets in which you can store the cases you do not use often. With some adjustments, the garage can also provide additional storage space.

Furniture Storage
Choose furniture and functional practices to save space. Market …

Thermal and Heating: Advantages and disadvantages of heating with gas

The choice of many builders is heating not easy because there are many ways you can, for example, a heater and spa can be installed with gas.
The times in which homes were heated using stoves, coal and wood, are now gone. Long heating systems are standard, in which only regulates the heat and maintenance must be performed by a specialist - the rest is fully automatic. However, there are many different types of heating systems, heating systems are very popular, which are operated by a gas heater.

Benefits of heating and hot spring
In many major towns there is a municipal gas supply. This means that every building is connected to a gas line or can be connected easily. The gas supply is ensured by a company, it also handles the billing of gas consumption. If you decide in such a village for the installation of a boiler for heating and gas, not many preparations need to be taken; just have to obtain permits and, only the installation of the boiler, the radiators and the pipe system. Anoth…