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Christmas decorations in gold for William and Kate

The prestigious company Royal Crown Derby has just presented to the public Christmas decorations in 22 carat gold in honor of William and Kate.

The decorations in question bear the inscription "Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, April 29, 2011", thus giving a strong satisfaction to all discerning fans of the British monarchy or simply those looking for their precious Christmas tree decorations.
The glittering decorations were produced in a limited edition of 1,500 copies, which are already on sale from Selfridge for £ 85, equivalent to about $ 100.
A set of patterns of course it will be delivered to the newlywed royals, who will spend their Christmas at Sandringham with the entire royal family.

How to decorate your home with Christmas lights

If you are a great lover of Christmas lights and Deco ATZ will allow you to create original figures and environments tend to dazzle everyone. Decorating your home with Christmas lights is not a matter of throwing and falling plug and play, you must seek to achieve a composition that goes well with your home, that can give even the form of a figure. If you want to know how to decorate with Christmas lights, this is the right place.

Transform holiday decorations into something incredible that is not that complicated, sure with a little time, patience and planning you can transform your house into the most beautiful and illuminated.
Materials: Basically you need lights Select area you want to decorate Some element to attach the lights to decorate the object: it can be ribbon, brads, hot glue or suitable material for the place you go to decorate.
Step by step: Before proving that the lights work (no one wants to put all their lights and then realize that no light). Apply the lights on the …

Christmas centerpieces with pineapples: Decoration Ideas

If you enjoy nature in family to go to the park or a field where there are pine trees, surely one of the things you do to pass the time with the family is together pineapple. I every time I have the opportunity to be close to a ground pine cones together many then use for different crafts, such as Christmas centerpieces with pineapples.

So if you want to decorate your cones and a beautiful Christmas table centerpiece pineapple, then I propose two options for you to choose the one you like and customize it with the materials you prefer. One option is a Christmas basket and the other is an arrangement that combines pineapple and Christmas lights that give a touch of warmth and originality. Christmas basket with pine cones Materials: Silver Ornaments Floral tape Florist tape Basket Oasis floral foam or Juniper and cedar sprigs Pineapples Pine twigs Eucalyptus leaves

Step by step: Basically you have to do is place the oasis in the basket and begin to build the array by placing the twigs tha…

Uncommon and modern Christmas decorations for home

The Christmas is fast approaching and the torque increases your anxiety and your desire to decorate the home with Christmas spirit and give atmosphere, isn’t it?

To begin with the preparations and get to December 25 with the house fully decorated for the occasion today Deco ATZ bring a compilation of various Christmas decorations to do at home that will be very helpful and very easy to do.

Christmas Ornaments for Home The Christmas ornaments for home are a great idea when you do not have much budget do with desire and enthusiasm. With a little work and dedication can be created very original decorations, simple and beautiful. If you take the time to make these beautiful homemade Christmas ornaments click on the link and access the description of how to do.
Christmas decorations for doors

One of the areas of the home that may not be decorated with Christmas is the front door. So if you want to make a beautiful wreath for the door to surprise the family and the neighborhood be sure to clic…