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Decorate the bathroom: how to organize towels

The towels as being fundamental to good and proper hygiene are also a great decorative accessory for the bathroom. Then why not decorate them? They are perfect if you are looking to add color, complement any corner and even give a rich aroma.

Here are some ideas for you to organize your bathroom towels and decorate with them. You will see that is a really simple task, and the end result will be even better than you expected.
Organize towels by color Organize by color is always very good choice. I bet there’s nothing better than opening the closet in the bathroom and find the towels perfectly ordered. The proposal is to organize a gradient from the bottom up and manage small row. You can also do some shelf.
Arrange a rack towels The racks are not just for hanging coats and scarves but you can also hang towels and thus avoid the classic disorder that remains after a family member take a bath. The idea is to use the rack to promote order and that the towels dry quickly after being used.

4 tips to avoid clutter in the bedroom

It is difficult to maintain order in the bedroom. But what can you do? Clearly it is a task that we keep whether we like to find any clothing in good condition, maintain a spotlessly clean and to good interior design. These will propose only 4 tips to avoid clutter. Really simple, easy to apply regardless of the size of the room and certainly very but very practical when it comes to carry them out.

Sort the shoes The shoes often have to be a real problem right? Yes, and just getting the job and leave them completely scattered anywhere in the room certainly does not help. What you can do then is to find a way to keep aligned or less in place, if, putting them back in the closet is too much work. You may purchase an attractive shelf for shoes that complement other bedroom furniture or why not? Performing a horizontal row of the shoe, and at least leave arranged in the ground.

Luxury villa in Florida by USD 6.5 million

On the spectacular expanse of Sunny Isles Beach, Collins area, in Florida, there is this beautiful home that captures the senses.
The house in question, with three bedrooms, offers a visual to say the least suggestive about the universe surrounding the Atlantic Ocean and a large infinity pool worthy of those present in the most prestigious luxury hotels.